I would like to preface this passage by saying this, Bjork has been a point of contention for my roommates and I for at least the past month. Day in and day out we debate whether or not she deserves the Kudos she has amassed from critics, and crazed fans alike. Her fandom was so into her at one point, that one of its anomalies took the liberty to mail her a sulfuric acid letter-bomb! Whoa, that’s some crazy influence this delightful wood-nymph has! So after running through “Post” and “Homogenic” as well as countless YouTube videos, I still haven’t decided on Mrs. Guðmundsdóttir. Listening to Hyperballad, it navigates the listeners through car-part, bottle, and cutlery infested waters, to eventually arrive to a state of warmth next to your lover. Her eeeeks, and shrieks turn this little freak into a feisty contender for one of the most unbelievable performers of my generation. Bjork started off as somewhat of a meme in apartment 320, but I submit to you that I have rethought her status as just a meme. In fact she is, nay she will forever be one of the most interesting artists in this game of life we all play. Listen to “It’s oh so quiet” ya heard me. She’s fire.